Side Hinged Doors Jersey

Traditional Side Hinged garage doors are making a comeback and are very suitable for a variety of reasons. If you require access to the internal garage walls e.g. inspection covers, existing shelving etc then you may not have room for a single large garage door that opens either into the roof space or have rails inside the garage. To have side hinged doors that open outwards may be the solution. You can have these manually operated or electric. The electric option does look very grand as you drive up to your garage.

Also the large range of materials your side hinged door can be constructed from. We offer aluminium, steel, and GRP and wood options with or without windows. Combining robust and reliable performance with door size options, for example the right hand door could be 1/3 size and the left hand side can be 2/3 size. Thereby not revealing the full contents of your garage every time you open one or both side hinged garage doors. The doors we supply come with security bolts and rubber seals on three sides.

Our side hinged garage doors come from the manufactures painted in white as standard or with a choice of 15 optional colours and finishes. Our timber side hinged doors arrive in Jersey with a base stain finish as standard allowing clients to or us to finish in a wider variety of finishes further enhancing and protecting the hardwood.

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